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(ENG) Between trace and image

Painting is a journey by which a gesture becomes an image.

Like an ice-breaker exercise between shy persons, I « disarm » the canvas / the board (hard surfaces for the use of squeegees, brushes, brooms and trowels) with a compulsive gesture at the beginning.

From this primary movement I can start « outside » the idea of painting, where a surface doesn’t need to become an image and rather is a support and a a witness of my actions. I embrace the multiple failures to come, I only look at for interesting accidents, new agencies appearing at the surface. From there, I can build a composition, or an image, « negatively », covering fragments, layer after layer.

Finding inspiration in random objects (encyclopaedic books, family photographs, images from the web and physical objects), I move forward towards an image, a possible closure for this particular journey, a new place where other stories can start.